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Singing Through and Beyond Menopause

Many of us experience physical or emotional changes during menopause. These can present vocal challenges and sometimes it takes time to adjust to the new vocal identity we develop during this time. Some people find it useful to work on their vocal technique during this time and others find that singing helps in developing or regaining their confidence. I can support you during this time and I can work with you one to one or with groups of menopausal singers.


If you'd like to discuss one to one lessons then contact me HERE or take a look at the Singing Lessons page of this website.

Below you will find details of any Singing Through Menopause groups I am currently running. If you'd like to discuss a taster session or a new group in your area then get in touch with me

Dates: Thursday evenings beginning on July 18th 2024

Times: 5.30pm – 7pm

Location: ARC (Advanced Research Centre), University of Glasgow, 11 Chapel Lane, Glasgow, G11 6EW

Our voices and bodies change as we approach and go through menopause. If you’d like to come and experience singing in a supportive setting, then join us for a new group – Singing Through and Beyond Menopause. In a new 5-week trial programme of sessions, we’ll learn songs and vocal exercises that support menopausal voices. No singing experience at all necessary!


Register to take part and receive more information here:

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